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History of Christmas Hills Tree Farm

Christmas Hills Tree Farm is a second-generation tree farm. John Burton's dad, Charley Burton, owner of Bear Canyon Farm, planted the first Noble fir in 1949: the first Noble fir specifically for Christmas trees in the industry.

Artistic rendering by Judy Vorfeld of Christmas Hills Tree Farm, June 2008John grew up around trees, and has been growing his own trees since he was 13. He's now in his forties.

Through the years, Christmas Hills Tree Farm developed some techniques that make their trees stand out from the competition. By using seed from their own seed orchard, comprised of trees grafted for exceptional blue color and overall quality, their trees have amazing color.

Christmas Hills Tree Farm also continue to graft several thousand trees a year, giving them a tree they call the Burton Blue. Charley Burton began this Burton Blue process many years ago.

In the final year before harvest, Christmas Hills Tree Farm uses a technique called "picking." Each tree is shaped by picking off the new growth early in the summer, rather than shaping with a knife or hand pruners. The effect is a full, tapered tree with natural ends and no cut needles.

Charley Burton is no longer alive, but his heritage lives on. John and Cheryl continue to buy new acreage and increase their inventory of Christmas Hills Tree Farm, and their family, friends, and employees find the farm a special place to be.

Photo of Christmas Hills Tree farm, Mossyrock, WashingtonPhoto of Christmas Hills Tree farm, Mossyrock, Washington

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