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Christmas Hills Tree Farm

Our Trees

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Christmas Hills Tree farm is committed to producing the very best quality trees in the industry. Although we specialize in Noble fir, we have many other varieties available. Located in the mountains of Southwest Washington, we offer a wide variety of superb fir to Christmas Tree wholesalers.

Why Mossyrock?

Mossyrock is the perfect location for weather, rainfall, moderate temperature, 1000' elevation, and latitude (center of natural environment). It is perhaps slightly better than Oregon because there is more rain, less drought in the summer months, more moderate temperature, and it is farther north. In addition, the trees are dormant when cut. This results in fresher, more vivid coloring, superb "keepability" and quality.

In addition to Christmas Hills Tree Farm's #1 Grade, some #2's are available at a reduced price, and we also have the economical Field-Run grade.

To get details on our pricing, contact us today.

Photo of harvest at Christmas Hills Tree FarmPhoto of harvest at Christmas Hills Tree Farm

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